S U P P O R T / C O N T A C T

Your support makes great things happen at SEPPY’S ALL-STARS.   New donations means new gear, new trips, new staff, and new adventures --  namely, new choices for at-risk kids.

Checks payable to:
   Jon Sepler Sports at Mar Vista
Please send to:
   235 Elizabeth Street #20
   New York NY  10012
Contact us:
   Doug Sepler

   Samantha Inerfeld

Your donations will keep the ball rolling at SEPPY’S ALL-STARS.  Give generously!  Stay connected!  Funding from Los Angeles County, as well as the community, is in very short supply.  Your support is more crucial than ever for the continuation of the SEPPY’S ALL-STARS program.

Thank You for Supporting SEPPY’S ALL-STARS, and for Honoring the Memory of Jon Sepler.